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Don’t see what you are looking for on the website? Can’t find a solution for a unique need you might have? iMed Equip has access to specialized products that can fulfull your specialized needs. After a quick visit with you, the iMed Equip team can evaluate and assess your situation and give you options to solve your problem. Be sure and give us a call or visit the store.

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Customer Testimonials

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Great store. It is smaller and more intimate with the same product the bigger stores have. Their pricing is in line with the others and in MOST cases lower than the others. Great staff. Strongly recommend them.

Jeff Aynes

June 2020

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Great place to get medical supplies & equipment. They have amazing customer service! They had exactly what I needed, their prices were better than anyone else and the facility is very neat and clean! Thank you Imed-Equip!

Joanna Parker

July 2020